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About avanttiiva housing

Today, the name avanttiiva brings with it a feeling of knowledge in Coimbatore. That’s because we have spent 15 years actively inquiring, reacting to, and developing the industry, trends, and ensuring we predict future ones.

Quality is the main pillar of our construction. The value of our brand has grown from strength to strength over the past four years. We constantly strive to improve our offerings and services.

Our values of professionalism, commitment, reliability and integrity, has placed our brand among the ‘most preferred’ real estate brands in Tamil Nadu, South India. We deem it our responsibility to offer our customers a complete housing experience by meticulous planning, connectivity, convenience and budget.

We at avanttiiva housing, turn empty spaces into aesthetic living spaces by combining design and technology. Our housing solutions boast of Individual Houses and Individual Villas in a gated community. All our properties are located amidst sprawling landscapes and are surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens. We endeavour to offer basic amenities to our customers which are a blend of residential and recreational facilities.

Our premium quality constructions are conceptualised and designed by leading architects, engineers and interior designers. Our customer-centric approach, robust engineering and transparent business operations has revolutionised the concept of living.

Our Purpose:

Make Your Dream Come True

Our Vision

To be a committed global real estate brand creating a melodic harmony of environmental preservation, customer’s happiness, and society’s development.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to assist families by improving their quality of life through our core principle of Q.U.E.S.T that is to constantly be in the pursuit of excellence and maximizing customer happiness. While doing this, we present a rewarding and challenging situation for our employees and value to our stakeholders.

Our Q.U.E.S.T defined:

Q Quality – Be the brand that supports the benchmark of the Spirit of Life for our customers

U Unify – Create life spaces that unify the melody between our customer’s life and our nature’s needs

E Engage – Be the extended family of our customers by always being there, hearing them out fully, and serving them with a smile.

S Sustainability – Build Spaces that make Mother Earth Smile

T Technology – Optimise Quality of Construction and Experience of Customers with the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Our Partner

Gravity is an architectural/engineering design consulting and contracting firm based at Coimbatore and operating around Tamilnadu.

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